2018 TOPS Results

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2018 TOPS in Connecticut Winners

Best in Show ~ “Hand-warmer” by Erik Landegren

Best Cityscape ~ “Rain Lights Reflection” by Tom Cuchara

Best Creative ~ “I’m Out of Here” by Erik Landegren

Best Landscape ~ “Sunset Congregation” by Melanie Bradley

Best Monochrome ~ “Once Upon a Time” by Anne Eigen

Best Nature ~ “Mine!” by Sandy Schill

Best Photojournalism ~ “Her Fifth Avenue” by Megan Crandlemire

Best Portrait ~ “Unwilling” by Lisa Cuchara

Best Seascape ~ “Rocks and Mountains” by Simmie Reagor

Best Travel ~ “Myanmar Monk and Candles” by William Barnett

Judges Choice: Deborah Cohen ~ “Ghost Writer” by Rick Tyrseck

Judges Choice: Steve Morton ~ “The Heavy Lightness of Sleep” by Sue Fenton

Judges Choice: Ron Wyatt ~ “Piazza of St. Francis Basilica” by C. Peter Chow